Managing multiple debts can be overwhelming for many New Zealanders. Fortunately, consolidating debt is a simple way to simplify your finances.
This approach comes with significant benefits, and here’s why it's such a game-changer.

  • Streamlined Financial Management
    Debt consolidation is a way to bring different debts together into one loan and makes it easier to manage and pay back your debts. You won't have to keep track of multiple payments to multiple lenders which can help you avoid missed payments and simplify managing your budget.
  • Interest Savings
    This is one of the most popular reasons many Kiwi’s favour a debt consolidation to improve their financial needs. Consolidating into a lower interest rate means you can save on interest payments and reduce the principal balance more quickly.
  • Timely Payments
    When you consolidate your debts, you only have to worry about one payment, so there's no need to worry about making late or missed payments. Making consistent, on-time payments will help you build positive credit and many lenders will assist you in setting up a direct debit to help with making payments on time.
  • Flexibility in Repayments
    One of the best features of this approach is its flexible repayment terms. When setting up a Debt Consolidation loan you are free to choose payments that suit your needs. Some lenders often allow making extra repayments without penalty, which helps you pay off your debts faster and saves you money.
  • Genuine Finance Company Support
    Having a supportive financial partner who listens and understands your individual situation is important when choosing a lender to consolidate with. At Future Finance our team understands this 100% and have helped thousands of Kiwi’s to a brighter financial future through simplifying their debt repayments.
  • Simplify Your Debt Consolidation with Future Finance
    Feeling overwhelmed by managing multiple debts? Future Finance offers a streamlined approach to bringing all your debts under one roof to make your finances simple and easier to manage.

We’ve been helping Kiwi’s consolidate debts for over 25+ years and are proud to be NZ’s only 5 star rated finance company on Trustpilot.

Our team are ready to help you explore your options and find a debt consolidation loan that fits your needs!

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