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Privacy Act 1993

As part of the application for a loan, we require you to agree to the following privacy consent and waiver.  If the information below is not provided, we cannot consider your loan further.

Credit Reporter

The credit reporter we use is Veda Advantage (NZ) Limited (‘Veda’) and its address is Private Bag 92156, Auckland Mail Centre Auckland 1142.

I/We understand that you Future Finance Limited are asking me for personal information about me so as to use Veda Advantage's credit reporting service to credit check me/us including to verify my/our identify as you may be required to do by laws such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (‘AML Laws’). I understand that:

  • Veda will give you information about me/us for that purpose.
  • You will give my/our personal information to Veda, and that Veda will hold that information on their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting service.
  • When other Veda customers use the Veda credit reporting service Veda may give the information to those customers including for the purposes of assisting customers to verify my/our identity as they may be required to do by AML laws and we authorise Veda to do so.
  • I/We consent to Veda (or the Ministry of Justice) disclosing to you any information they hold relating to any overdue fines that may be outstanding against me/us.
  • You may use Veda’s credit reporting services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to me/us.  This may include using Veda’s monitoring services to receive updates if any of the information held about me/us changes.
  • If I/we default in my/our payment obligations to you, information about that default may be given to Veda, and Veda may give information about my/our default to other Veda customers.
  • If you ask me/us to provide you with my/our driver’s licence number/s to help you confirm my/our identity, I/we understand that you may pass this information on to Veda.  I/We understand that disclosure of my/our driver’s licence number/s to Veda is voluntary.

Other Sources and Holders of Information

  • I/We agree that these terms will apply to the marketing, consideration and provision of finance by Future Finance Limited (the “lender”).
  • I/We consent to the personal information provided in support of the application (whether in this document or otherwise) being received, assessed and held by the lender and to the information being used from time to time by the lender for all or any of the following purposes:
    - For the lender to decide whether or not to grant a loan or on my application to vary an existing loan agreement.
    - Administering the loan.
    - Enforcing payment and other legal obligations.
    - To check, verify and exchange (both now and in the future) personal, residential, contact, financial and commercial information.
    - Supplying the borrower and guarantor with information about services offered by the finance company or which the lender considers may be of interest to me/us.
  • I/We acknowledge and authorise that the lender may provide and obtain information for the purposes set out in paragraph 2 above to or from any individual or organisation, including but not limited to, Veda, any financial or insurance institution, bank, Regional and District Council, Government Department or Agency, my/our Employer/s, Accountant and Landlords (both now and in the future), my/our Mortgagees, their respective Solicitors and any Real Estate/Rental Agencies.
  • I/We authorise you to disclose the information to any third party who has or may have in the future a financial interest in my/our loan.
  • I/we hereby authorise the lender to access my driver licence record using the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Driver Check Service and for the lender to re-check my/our licence(s) during the term of the loan.

         Driver Check allows the user to access the following information about your driver licence:
              - The licence classes you hold, eg a class 4 licence to drive heavy trucks
              - The licence endorsements you hold, eg a D endorsement to carry dangerous goods
              - The conditions on your licence, eg the requirement to wear corrective lenses when driving
              - The status of your licence, eg current, expired, suspended, disqualified, revoked or reinstated

  • Each borrower is aware and agrees specifically that the lender provide to the guarantor any information used by the lender which the lender considers should be provided also to the guarantor.
  • I/We promise that the information given in this application is correct to my/our best knowledge, information and belief.
  • I/We agree that it I/we provide the lender with electronic details (e.g. a mobile number or email address), the lender may send me/us commercial electronic messages.

We note that under the Privacy Act 1983 I am/we are entitled to request access to, and (if required) correction of, any personal information held about me/us by the lender.


This website is governed by, and is to be interpreted consistently with, New Zealand law.


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