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There are many unexpected costs when your loved one passes away, and we're here when you need us. We're here to help your loved one get the wonderful send off they deserve.

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Some facts and things to know about funeral loans

Funerals and associated costs in NZ

At Future Finance we understand that losing a loved one is tough, and worrying about the costs of a funeral only adds to your burden. In New Zealand, cremation services can start from $4,000, headstones up to $8,000 and other funeral expenses can even reach beyond $10,000. We understand that these financial matters can often feel overwhelming during this emotional time.

That's where our Future Finance Funeral Loans come into play - we’re here to provide support when you need it most. Our goal is to ease your concerns, giving you the ability to focus on paying your respects and honouring your loved one's memory.

Often, your dearly departed will have an estate that can help cover these costs. But we know that these funds may not be accessible until after the funeral. A Future Finance Funeral Loan acts as a bridge, providing financial help in the interim. We're here for you, helping you navigate through these challenging times with compassion and understanding.

Other areas where a Future Finance Funeral Loan can help you

Perhaps you've already managed most of the expenses but find yourself facing additional plans or unexpected costs. Future Finance is here to help, providing that extra financial support when it's needed most.

Beyond just the funeral, we also extend our support to memorials. Honouring your loved one in a special and lasting way should be about love and memories, not financial stress. Our Future Finance Funeral Loans will help to remove that worry, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters - remembering and celebrating your loved one's life.

Are you traveling away to a funeral or tangi? A Future Finance Funeral Loan can also assist with any expenses related to traveling to your loved ones funeral, whether it is within NZ or overseas.

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Saying goodbye to those who have passed on is a difficult and emotional process. We understand that dealing with the incoming funeral expenses can add more worry to an already stressful situation.

A funeral loan from Future Finance can help you and your family focus on the things that matter at a difficult time.

Our online loan application process is quick and simple and the Future Finance team will work with you to guide you through the process so that you can get back to taking care of things that matter most to you.

We're here to help with Emergency Funeral loans

We know that the loss of a loved one can happen suddenly and unexpectedly and it is common for things like funeral costs and funeral finance to be an afterthought until the unthinkable happens. This is why funerals and funeral expenses are often a struggle for many New Zealanders.

At Future Finance, our funeral loans can offer financial respite during this challenging period with our fast and streamlined online loan application process. Apply today and see if our team can help you with an emergency funeral loan.

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